Halloween Time

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Halloween is my favorite holiday! I love the creepy, haunting-ness that comes out during autumn, when the days become shorter and the winds start blowing and leaves pile up, harvest happens and people wonder through haunted corn mazes. I, also, love Disneyland, so naturally, I love when those two things collide! Being in Disneyland during Halloween Time is wonderful! There are pumpkins everywhere, banners of yellow, orange and red come out, and of course Jack Skellington comes out to play at the Haunted Mansion! Then there are the Halloween parties where you can dress up and go trick-or-treating and meet special characters that only come out for Halloween. It’s a wonderful time!

So, in honor of Friday the 13th, I am showing you some of my favorite Halloween/Friday the 13th photos from Disneyland.

Don’t forget to have a terrible day!

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Hillsboro Air Show – Final Photo Batch

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Final batch of photos from the Hillsboro Air Show! This set of photos highlights the Patriots jets. Two of the jets had colored smokes trails which was really cool. All in all, the Hillsboro Air Show was really awesome (except for the heat). Experienced pilots can do some crazy stuff with their planes.

View other photos from the Air Show here and here.

Hope you enjoy them!

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Hillsboro Air Show – Photo Batch Number 2

•August 9, 2013 • 1 Comment

Here is the second batch of photos from the Hillsboro Air Show. The first batch of Air Show photos can be found here.

The only photos left are photos of the six Patriots jets!

Hillsboro Air Show – First Photo Batch

•August 9, 2013 • 2 Comments

Went to the Hillsboro Air Show a couple weekends ago. I was there with my husband, our friends – Julie and Anthony – and their five children. It was a really fun, really hot, but fun.

Here is the first batch of photos from that day. Probably two more batches to go.

The Oregon Lavender Farm

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Visited Liberty Natural / The Oregon Lavender Farm this last weekend for the Lavender Festival with the hubby. It smelled great, it was a little hot, but worth the visit. It was also really cool to walk through the rows of lavender. As soon as you stepped foot down a row, the sound of buzzing bees filled the air – the bees were too busy to sting anyone – and as soon as you stepped out of lavender, the buzzing was gone. It was quite incredible.

Here are the photos from the visit:

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Moon and Stars

•June 20, 2013 • 7 Comments

Stumbling upon a new photographer today, thanks to Photojojo for linking to her website.

The photographers name is Sharon Harper. She looks to photograph time in a wonderful way. I am really drawn towards her Moon Studies and Star Scratches body of work. This collection of photographs really captures how celestial bodies are forever moving.

Here is Sharon’s artist statement:

I’m thinking of photography as technology—a prosthetic—that negotiates a relationship between us and something else. In my work, it maps a conversation with things that are beyond our perception and our control. The camera can be seen as a metaphor for the pervasive presence of technology within the landscape, a presence that often interrupts our experience of the natural world. Here, however, the camera creates possibilities for re-interpreting contemporary experience as it mediates and records, generating images that cannot be seen without it.

In the images from the series, Moon Studies and Star Scratches, 2003- 2009, the moon links our understanding of time in terms of a monthly calendar with a celestial realm where time is measured in light years. I photograph moons over a period of days, weeks and months on a single sheet of film. Long exposures of stars used in some of the images further explore time. The exposures combine an understanding of time embedded within photography— a four-hour exposure of a star renders on film as a line of light so many inches long—with the fact that the starlight hitting the film is light years old. These images are an attempt to record a realm we can hardly fathom, within a framework of time we can readily understand.

View the rest of Sharon’s images here.

All images in this post belong to Sharon Harper.

Disneyland Attraction Anniversaries

•June 14, 2013 • 1 Comment

Today marks the anniversary for a few different Disneyland attractions – the Sailing Ship Columbia at 55 years, Matterhorn Bobsleds and the Monorail at 54 years.  I love all of these attractions, the Sailing Ship Columbia being my favorite out of the three because of my fascination with tall ships. The Matterhorn Bobsleds are really fun to ride and even more at night because you can’t see the tracks as well. Riding the Monorail is just a relaxing way to see the sights and get to Downtown Disney.

All nine photos belong to Amber Vigeant Photography. All rights reserved.

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